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Sakleshpur: Discover The Foothills Of The Western Ghats!



Sakleshpur Discover The Foothills Of The Western Ghats!

At a distance of 151 km from Mangalore, 37 km from Belur, 91 km from Dharmasthala, 44 km from Hassan, 62 km from Chikmagalur, 163 km from Mysore, 159 km from Shimoga, and 220 km from Bangalore, Sakleshpur or Sakleshpura is a beautiful hill station in Hassan district of Karnataka. Located at a height of 3061 feet, Sakleshpur is one of the least discovered hill stations in South India, and among the most prevalent Karnataka tourist places.

Deceits in the Malnad region, Sakleshpura is the doorway to the Western Ghats from Bengaluru & Hassan sides. It is one of the best picturesque places to visit in Sakleshpur. The town is enclosed by lofty green hills enclosed with coffee, pepper, cardamom, and areca plantations which are the foremost attractions that one can experience as part of Sakleshpur Tour Packages.

It is a remarkable town tucked away in the Western Ghats on Bangalore-Mangalore Highway. The attractiveness of this hill station has even got the name ‘Poor Man’s Ooty’. Sakleshpur is among the foremost producers of coffee and cardamom output in India. According to history, the region was governed by the Chalukyas, Hoysalas, and the kings of Mysore in yesteryears. It was throughout the time of the Hoysalas that the town acknowledged its name.

Legends privilege that the Hoysalas found a shattered Shiva Linga when they arrived in the little town and promptly called it Sakleshwar. However, some locals privilege that the town was so-named because it was tremendously wealthy in terms of agricultural output.

This beautiful hill station is very prevalent for its captivating mountains, picturesque beauty, and pleasant weather as well. Manjarabad Fort, Agni Gudda Hill, Sakleshwara Temple, Magajahalli Waterfalls, Hemavathi Dam, Betta Byraveshwara Temple, Pandavar Gudda, and Agni Gudda are some of the prevalent places to visit in Sakleshpur. Besides, this slighter-known hill station in the Western Ghats is famous for trekking activities on the Bisle Reserve Forest Trail and Kumara Parvatha trail, in which one can discover the rich biodiversity of the place.

Accommodation options in Sakleshpur amply range from mid-range hotels to homestays and resorts to budget hotels. Homestays in Sakleshpur are the best places for tourists to stay to feel at home even on a vacation.

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Agni Gudda Hill

The Agani Peak in Agni Gudda or ‘fiery mountain’ (for its volcanic nature) is available from Agani village by a modest 3 kilometers trek of one hour and from the summit, you can have a clear sight of the green pasture lands and plains filled with paddy fields. You can ground your tent and camp overnight at the summit to celebrate the magical starlit sight of the sky.

Agni Gudda Hill

Activities such as trekking and camping are popular in this region. Or, if you merely want to relax have a picnic at this place and celebrate the view of the rice terrains that surround the place. This is also one of the best places to visit in Sakleshpur.

Situated nearly 25 kilometers from the bus stand of Sakleshpur, Agni Gudda is best visited from October to March and the trek takes nearly 4 hours to ascend and descend. You can also follow the trek route to arrive at the Manjarabad Fort. Different south Indian movie scenes are shot here and it is also prevalent for half-day picnics.

Manjarabad Fort

The former leader of Mysore, Tipu Sultan, constructed this unique fort in 1792 to store arms and ammunition. Its octagonal design delivered protection to Sultan’s army against the British and a remarkable view of widespread mountain ranges.

Manjarabad Fort

Visit this star-shaped fort to experience the rich history summarized in the misty environment of manjarabad. Cannon mounts and musket holes are currently in the walls made with granite and mud walls that have withstood the test of time. There are several chambers and tunnels situated within the fort that are supposed to be linked passages to Srirangapatna Fort.

Bisle View Point

Even if you have visited viewpoints earlier, we muscularly suggest you unlock mysterious Western Ghats views from Bisle View Point. This place delivers great respite from the humdrum of monotonous life. Upon reaching there, you will see the remarkable views of three mountain ranges such as Doddabetta, Yenikallu Betta, Kumara Parvatha, and Pushpagiri.

Bisle View Point

Reaching the summit demands hiking. Throughout your expedition, you will have the chance to spot the assorted flora and fauna. Bisle View Point will leave you astonished if you are a nature lover.

Manjehalli Waterfalls

Manjehalli Waterfalls is a 20 ft long Waterfall nuzzled between the lush green hills at a distance of 8 km from Sakleshpur. Also better known locally as Abbi Falls pouring from 20 feet are best visited throughout monsoon but you have to be vigilant while taking a dip in the burbling stream or walking on the greasy rocks.

Manjehalli Waterfalls

The one-kilometer trek which passes through the Manjehalli village to the waterfall at the mountain foothill is captivating as you pass the coffee plantations and endemic flora while getting an opportunity to interrelate with the villagers. Throughout the monsoon season the flow of the water augments which makes it the best time to visit it.

Pandavar Gudda

Gear up for an exhilarating adventure by adding Pandavar Gudda to your itinerary for the Sakleshpur vacation. Pandavar Gudda is prevalent in Indian mythology as a place that was once the residence of Pandavas throughout their vanavas in Mahabharata. 

Pandavar Gudda

This tourist spot also enflames historical interest among visitors with the existence of one time that is nearly 1000 years old as predicted by the Archaeological Survey of India.

This place is one of the most fascinating sightseeing places to visit in Sakleshpur and fascinates a number of tourists. One can indulge in celebrating the visual delights at Pandavar Gudda by taking their loved ones on a picnic or challenging their spirits with an exhilarating trek to the top of the hill. 

Sakleshwara Temple

Well-known for the annual rath yatra in February, the Sri Sakleshwara Swamy Temple is situated only 1.5 kilometers from the bus stand of Sakleshpur and is one of the oldest in the state.

Sakleshwara Temple

Visit anytime between 6 AM and 6 PM and you can discover both the temple enthusiastic to Lord Shiva and the Hemavathy River by which the temple is built.

Constructed during the 11th to 14th century when the Hoysala empire thrived in the town, the temple features attractive Hoysala craftsmanship. It is the name of the temple from which the town resultant its name.

As a matter of fact, the temple is slighter in size than the standard South Indian temples. The appearance of Sakleshpur town, the temple dated back over 600 years, stands as a sentinel and the royal colossal statue of Lord Shiva is the major attraction of the temple. 

Green Route Trek (Railway Trek)

Brace yourself for one of the most stimulating and frightening treks in India with the Green Route Trek in Sakleshpur. It is better known for proposing the most mesmerizing view of the Western Ghats and tourists can feel enthralled by a number of waterfalls, verdant valleys, archaic tunnels, and old railway bridges that come along the path.

Green Route Trek (Railway Trek)

This trek is often named ‘trekkers paradise’ and is known for surprising the trekkers every step of the way with the attractive landscape and so many stimulating natural attractions.

The Green Route Trek is replete with several diverse flora and fauna that have their natural habitat in the delightful evergreen forests of the Western Ghats. 

Hadlu Waterfall

Forecast your summer retreat to Hadlu Waterfalls when you are thinking of visiting the town of Sakleshpur on your coming vacation. This place is a postcard-great landscape that proposes the most delightful sight of nature at its best. Hadlu Waterfalls is a prevalent trekking destination and proposes a great opportunity for those who are looking to get their rhythm racing at this exhilarating location.

Hadlu Waterfall

The icy waterfalls are reached after an unforgettable trek through the verdant coffee plantations and forests that beautify the trail. Hadlu waterfalls cascade through six stages and for travelers the most fun activity is taking a bath in the frigid waters. 

Temple Of Halebid And Belur

Showcasing the finest designs of Hindu temples constructed under the Hoysala empire, the Temple of Halebid and Belur is better known among the best Sakleshpur tourist places. These ornate temples propose a peaceful respite away from the hassles of modern life and also re-count some interesting historical stories. 

Temple Of Halebid And Belur

The temple of Halebid and Belur was designed by the popular architect Jakkanna Acharya and carved with different exquisite designs. Travelers here can find a number of carvings at this temple that connects to the Puranas, the Upanishads, and different popular characters from the Ramayana and Mahabharata. 

Jenukal Gudda

Jenukal Gudda is an exhilarating trekking place near Sakleshpur and boasts the status of being the second-greatest peak in Karnataka. The frightening trek through the lush green foliage and coffee plantations is also better known as Honey Stone Mountain.

Jenukal Gudda

It proposes a clear view of the Arabian Sea on sunny days and the most memorable sunsets that you’ll cherish forever. Jenukal Gudda Peak is easily available via trekking, from Betta Byraveshwara Temple at a distance of 8 km. It is one of the highest hill stations in Karnataka.

Best Time To Visit Sakleshpur 

The best time to visit Sakleshpur is from November to April. Very low snow levels make this period an ideal duration to visit. But as this is the peak season, thus suppose the station to be crowded with tourists.

Sakleshpur has a tropical climate with very little temperature dissimilarity throughout the year. Being a hill station, the weather is frequently very pleasant and ranges nearly 22 – 23 degrees Celsius during the year.

Rainy Season: The hill station receives a very noteworthy amount of rainfall from the end of May to October. July is frequently the wettest month of the year with a very high amount of rainfall during the month.

Dry Season: Associated with the rainy season, November to mid-May hardly accepts any precipitation. An occasional shower may be predicted here or there, but apart from that, rainfall is flimsy.

How To Reach Sakleshpur? 

By Air: The nearest airport to his town, which is 138 kilometers away, is Mangalore International Airport owing to his town’s privations an airport. Foremost cities across the nation, involving Mumbai, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and many more, are well-linked to the airport. Bangalore, 242 kilometers from Sakleshpur, is home to the second-closest airport. You may take a cab or a bus to Sakleshpur when you arrive at the airport.

By Rail: A train station at Sakleshpur links the significant Karnataka cities. Daily train schedules allow travelers from different places to get to Sakleshpur. You can take a taxi or cab from the train station to your nominated location in Sakleshpur.

By Road: The Road well links Sakleshpur to the noteworthy Karnataka cities. Different cities are linked to Sakleshpur by Road, involving Mysore, Mangalore, Bangalore, and Hassan. You may take an outstanding collection of premium buses from the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) to arrive at Sakleshpur from adjacent cities. You could also drive to Sakleshpur and celebrate the area’s natural beauty.


Sakleshpur is a sightseeing place filled with attractive hilly slopes with coffee and spice plantations summons you to Sakleshpur. The region is a beautiful town and a hill station which is a favorite of several tourists. The attractiveness of this hill station has even got the title ‘Poor Man’s Ooty’.

There are a few tourist locations that you should visit in Sakleshpur and a weekend is enough to cover them. Sakleshpur is situated near National Highway (NH-48) and is a part of the Malnad region in Hassan. The Western Ghats around keep the region cool and enjoyable during summer. So, make travel to this attractive place and celebrate your tour. Below are some best places across the western ghats & things to do in Sakleshpur.

This hill station is wholly surrounded by waterfalls, a tea garden, a cardamom, and a coffee plantation. Along with the prevalent Bisle Reserve Forest, the 18 most diverse places in the world are situated here. A short trip to Sukleshpur will provide you with a break from your daily life.

There are different places to see in Sakleshpur such as Manjarabad Fort, Betta Byraveshwara Temple, the temple of Halebid and Belur, Sakleshwara Temple, Kukke Subramanya Temple, different waterfalls such as Manjehalli Waterfalls, Mookana mane falls, Hadlu Waterfalls, Bettakumari Falls and many more. These whole surroundings propose the trekkers a dissimilar experience. 

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