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West Bengal

Kalimpong: Explore The East Indian Hill Town!



Kalimpong Explore The East Indian Hill Town!

Kalimpong is a small hill station located in the northern part of the Darjeeling district in West Bengal. This town is attractively blessed with some of the most breathtaking mountains, gardens, and lakes and is often concerned as a paradise for nature lovers.

From unlimited adventure options to enthralling views of the mountains with delightful local food, historical temples, and monasteries, Kalimpong proposes different tourist spots for visitors. A noteworthy number of travelers also visit this town, for its mouth-watering Chinese food and local merchandise, which are accessible at roadside shops all over the city.

It is often said that every building or monument in Kalimpong has got a motivating story attached to it and is supported by a rich history and culture. If you are scheduling to visit this unfamiliar town of Kalimpong, here are the top places that you should have on your itinerary.

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Deolo Hill

Deolo Hill is a hilltop situated to the northeast of Kalimpong in West Bengal. Situated at an altitude of about 2000 m. Actually, it is the highest point in the town and among the prevalent Kalimpong Tourist Places.

Deolo Hill

Deolo Hill is one of the two hills in the town of Kalimpong stands, the other one is Durpin Hill. Out of the 3 water reservoirs in Kalimpong, two of which are the primary source of drinking water, are situated atop this hill. From the top of this hill, tourists can celebrate beautiful views of the neighboring villages of Relli valley and Teesta River along with the town of Kalimpong. On a clear day, the snow-clad mountains of West Sikkim are also observable from this hill.

At the summit of the hill, there is a park built for recreation determinations that feature exotic flowers. The park is a prevalent picnic spot for travelers as well as locals. There are also some viewpoints for the enthralling view of the sunset and sunrise. The hill also proposes dissimilar adventure sports like paragliding, horse riding, and trekking.

Dharmodaya Vihar

Dharmodaya Vihar is a Nepalese Buddhist temple located just outside town. During the year 1944 when the Rana rulers debarred all Theravada Bhikkhus (monks) from Nepal, they traveled to Sarnath along with a great number of devotees.

Dharmodaya Vihar

The Dharmodaya Shabha was subsequently formed there and Elza Villa in Kalimpong was bought and turned into their center for furthering the experiences of Theravada Buddhis. A library comprising rare books on Buddhism and other subjects was built in 1949 for the benefit of local individuals as well as Bhikkhus and scholars. 

An attractive marble statue of Lord Buddha, a gift from the Burmese monks, was also fitted here. In 1952 the foundation of the Vihar (temple) was laid out and it was built in the style of the Sayambhu Stupa of Kathmandu though in a much smaller size. Dharmodaya Vihar has become a very imperative center for scholars of Buddhism from all over the globe.

Water Rafting On The River Teesta And Rangeet

The White-Water Rafting on the river Teesta and Rangeet (Tribeni) and the picturesque beauty of the banks, neighboring hills, its flora and fauna, and the sighting of different varieties of fishes are simply enthralling. A river rafting trip is often a fun-filled adventure activity in groups.

Water Rafting On The River Teesta And Rangeet

An amateur with a little sense of adventure can equally celebrate it. River Teesta and Rangeet gush down the mountains of Darjeeling and generate foaming white water that is outstanding for rafting. This rafting pathway stream has carved out deep valleys and gorges in Sikkim twisting through the hills with Kalimpong lying just off the river. While rafting down, you will get a beautiful view of dense forests. 

Teesta River has become one of the most prevalent hotspots for adventure sports activities like White Water Rafting in eastern India which is close at a distance of 18 km from Kalimpong Bus Station. The rafting trips for non-swimmers follow a 12 km stretch route that takes approximately 1-2 hours in Teesta River which starts mostly at Melli Bridge and end at Geil Khola in Kalimpong. One more path is to go down to the key hub for rafting i.e. Teesta Bazaar. Different tourists actually syndicate rafting with camping. The valley and the landscape across the rivers create an astonishing scene. 

The rafting trip for Swimmers and experienced customers is a 20 km stretch and takes 2-3 hours, which begins from Tarkhola and culminates at Melli. River Rafting Center of GTA Tourism organizes the rafting on Teesta River by taking all compulsory precautionary measures and safe rafting guidelines. Rafters are obligated to abide by all the instructions carefully provided by the rafting guide. The great time to raft on Teesta is from March to June and September to November for an exhilarating and enthralling rafting experience.

Morgan House

Situated in the verdant greens of Kalimpong, Morgan House is a mansion constructed by Mr. and Mrs. Morgan during the 1930s. It is an archetypal example of colonial architecture across Kalimpong. What makes visiting this spectacular piece of construction even better is that it is enclosed by legends of it being Haunted! It has been transformed into a lodge for tourists and is under the administration of the West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation.

Morgan House

Situated near the New Jalpaiguri Railway Station, this destination lies correctly in the lap of nature and is easily reachable as well. The undulating hillocks, colorful sunsets, and a charm of an old colonial town mantle you as you make Morgan House your home.

Morgan House is located on the sixteenth-acre estate on top of Durpindara Mountain. It lies at a near distance of 3 km from the town of Kalimpong and carries a clear sight of the Kangchenjunga range. Kalimpong cantonment area surrounds the mansion and delivers a view of the Relli, Kapher, Deolo as well as Labha valleys.

Neora National Park

Your trip to Kalimpong isn’t comprehensive unless you visit the Neora Valley National Park, one of northeast India’s amusing biological zones. This area is home to the judgmentally endangered Red Panda and Black Asiatic Bear. Predict pristine scenery, abundant vegetation, exclusive wildlife, and rare bird species. 

Neora National Park

The greatest point in the park, Rachela Pass, forms a border with Sikkim and Bhutan. A permit must be gained from the Forest Range Office to enter the park. The park is shut from July to September. So, plan consequently and avoid visiting throughout the rainy season.

Sherpa View Point

This is a watershed near the Buddha statue from where you get prodigious views towards both north and south. You get outstanding views of Sikkim hills and Mount Kanchenjunga if you look north, towards the south is the beautiful view of a valley and the Relli river flowing through it as well.

Sherpa View Point

Army Golf Club

The Army Golf club is situated very close to the Kalimpong circuit house and carries a spellbinding view of the neighboring locations. The Army Golf Club has been made out of a hillside and this was done to keep the soldiers right. The club is en route to the Durpin Monastery and is open to visitors.

Army Golf Club 1

This is a photographer’s heaven as it proposes astounding sceneries on all sides. The Army Golf Club is situated at an elevation of nearly 4000 feet and proposes an ideal golf location around the year. Though it gets very cold in December and January. If you want to play golf here, you must get your own kit, as there is no choice of hiring a golf kit. Also, you require to take permission from the army post. 

Crockety Bungalow

Crockety Bungalow

Constructed by British wool traders during the 18th century, Crockety is a bungalow well-known for its architectural design and breathtaking surroundings. Nobel Laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore disseminated his work Janmadin on his birthday on All India Radio from behind Crockery.


Galingka the wonderful bungalow, better known for its attractive style of architecture, as well as for the picturesque surroundings, is popular among travelers as a picnic spot. An attractive garden that is enclosed by different exotic flowering plants and dissimilar trees improves the beauty of this place.

Galingka 2

This garden was built around Galingka after Kalimpong got well-known as a summer hill resort. This Bungalow was constructed during British rule. Galingka is a prevalent bungalow that is located with an attractive backdrop of the Himalayan range’s second-largest peak, Kanchenjunga. Constructed by the British traders of wool, this place was used by them to rest throughout their traveling period.

An individual who wants to spend some unusual moments with his loved one in a serene ambiance should visit this place to experience its attractiveness and tranquility. This location is sure to relax a traveler so that he can celebrate his vacations with his family or friends.



A small attractive hill village on the Indo – Bhutan border Bindu is a little-known tourist destination in the lower Kalimpong foothills. The journey to Bindu via Chalsa-Khunia-Jhalong is a captivating one as the road passes through attractive tea gardens, high forests, river valleys, and small silent villages.
The closest airport is Bagdogra, which is a 2 to 3 hours’ drive from Bindu / Parren Busty. New Jalpaiguri railway station (NJP) is the key junction. Imperative stations such as Rajabhatkhawa, New Cooch Behar, Alipurduar, and Chalsa are near Bindu, Chalsa being the closest. One can travel to Chalsa by Train and then by car to Bindu via Chapramari. National Highway 31 is the key highway passing through Duars.

Regular bus services carried by North Bengal State Transport Corporation and Assam State Transport Corporation and several other private vehicles are also accessible, except throughout tourist season when it is to be booked prior. Bindu is nearly 115 km from Siliguri. Travelers can reach Bindu via Malbazar, and Chalsa from Siliguri Bus Stand. It takes approximately 3 hours to arrive there.



Enclosed by forests, Lava is an attractive mountain village that can be arrived in an hour and a half from Kalimpong. It is a pleasure for nature lovers and bird watchers. Prevalent tourist places in the vicinity involve the Neora Valley National Park, Silviculture Research Centre, and Changey falls. At an estimated distance of 24 km from Lava, Lolegaon is another small mountain village unseen away in the quaint hills. It is locally better known as Kaffer and can be enclosed along with Lava in one day. 


35 km and a half-an-hour drive from Siliguri (on NH31 via Sevok) will take you to Mongpong-your initial step to Dooars. Located on the lofty banks of the great Teesta River Mongpong is a very good-looking spot proposing a beautiful view of the Teesta basin and Mahananda Sanctuary. Murti 73 km. from Siliguri, has outstanding scenic beauty as the foremost attraction of this site.


Here it separates into different channels and flows through the lower marshy land of the sanctuary, carrying an ideal breeding place for the migratory birds. Mongpong Forest Rest House proposes a great all-encompassing view of the Mahananda Wild Life Sanctuary and the widespread Teesta valley.

The color of the river changes as the sun gradually hides behind the hills and flocks of wild geese fly back to their nests. The sudden response of crickets and beetles animates the neighboring forests. A leopard roars closely, and night falls at Mongpong.

It is now time to back to your nest, one of the coziest across the region. Spend the rest of the night in whole peace. Most tourists visit Mongpong for its quiet and tranquil environment. This is the ideal location to spend a couple of days in walking among the trees and inactive by the river Teesta. There are choices galore for those who want to go for a drive across the nearby area.


Rishop is a Himalayan hamlet around West Bengal. 2591 meters above sea level, it’s a nice picturesque village away from city crowds, with attractive views of snow-covered mountains. The meaning of the word Rishop is ‘mountain peak and tree’ and it is situated between the junctions of Sikkim, West Bengal, and Bhutan.


Rishop’s exclusive feature is that there is only empty space between this tiny hamlet and the Kangchenjunga vary standing on the horizon. The town is spread around a slight ridge with valleys falling away on either side. 

The greatest attraction of Rishop is the breathtaking view of the picturesque majestic Kangchenjunga and the different mountain peaks of India and Nepal. 

Best Time To Visit Kalimpong

Kalimpong can essentially be visited any time of the year, yet the best time to visit is from March to May and also between September to December. The weather is most of the time bright and bright. Kalimpong is confidently a honeymoon destination throughout winter. On average, it rains for approximately 100 days in one year.

How To Reach Kalimpong?

Kalimpong is situated around the state of West Bengal. It is available from Bagdodara and New Jalpaiguri. It is well-linked by roads to most foremost cities in and across West Bengal. Here is how to reach Kalimpong.

By Air

The closest airport is Bagdogra near Siliguri, the taxi fare from the airport to Kalimpong is nearly Rs 1,500. This airport is linked to Kolkata, Delhi, and Guwahati. International travelers can get linking flights from Kolkata or Delhi. Both are well-linked with different cities in India and abroad.

By Train

The closest rail is New Jalpaiguri. This is well-linked to most of the foremost cities in India.

BY Road

Kalimpong city is well linked to other towns in Sikkim and the neighboring states by bus services.


Kalimpong tourism is not just concerned with ancient structures and nature spots. To truthfully experience the attractiveness of this hill town, you have to employ dissimilar activities, apart from exploring the prevalent tourist attractions in Kalimpong. 

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