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9 Mysterious Places In India That You Must Visit In 2023!



9 Mysterious Places In India That You Must Visit In 2023!

The mysteries of India will bring imagination to life and your soul.

Not everyone can grip India; you will either love it with every fiber of your being with the search for its mysterious locations becoming a habit. Or you will despise it: India will drive you out.

We supposed it comes down to what you focus on. If you come from the West, you have to open your mind and be willing to truthfully leave your comfort zone to link with what makes India such a profoundly special place.

India is full of mysterious places and stories straddling back centuries that are just beckoning to be traveled. Some you may have heard of, but some are sporadic tourist places in India that will take a little more getting to.

Often the road less traveled takes us to the most unforgettable places. That’s why we introduced this guide on the most mysterious places in India – they will leave you in admiration.

Many of the antique mysterious places can be found right here in India, which is what makes this country so exclusive for backpackers. India itself is enshrouded by captivating stories, deep history, and creepy paranormal activity. As we familiarize you with the most mysterious places in India, it is hard to not let your imagination run too wild.

When one visits these places, one will see that so much of what happens seems to go way beyond anything that could be elucidated by your own imagination… But don’t worry, if the scariness is a bit too much to handle, you can always check out India’s (normal) places to visit.

Table of Contents

The Magnetic Hill Of Leh, Ladakh

Almost as mythological as it is mysterious, Magnetic Hill is a place where laws of gravity tend to take a back seat. There is a road, aptly called the Magnetic Road, where a yellow box has been highlighted, marking the spot where this phenomenon can be witnessed.

The Magnetic Hill Of Leh, Ladakh

Park your car (no brakes, of course) here and turn off the engine and the car will soon begin moving uphill by itself. Cars have been better known to reach speeds of 20kmph while ascending uphill of their own volition.

Science has two common theories to elucidate this mystery place in India, where one states that the mountain has a robust magnetic field that pulls these cars (thus the name), and the other says that it is probably to be an optical illusion where the road essentially goes downhill but seems otherwise.

Locals on the other hand also suppose that this used to be the road to heaven. This is one of the most better known mysterious places to visit in India which has been featured in different publications as well.

The Gravity-Defying Palace At Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

A man-made wonder and a comprehensive offbeat destination, the Gravity-Defying Palace at Lucknow, the capital of the eastern region of Uttar Pradesh, is better known for its inexplicable palace complex.

  • The Gravity-Defying Palace At Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
  • The Gravity-Defying Palace At Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

This marvelous construction of the 18th century by the monarch Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula is a blend of European and Arabic architecture. Bara Imambara’s superlative central arched hall is nearly 50 meters long and about 3 stories high without any pillars or beams.

The major hall was built exclusively with interlocking brickwork and is popular for its mysterious architecture of “Bhulbhulaiya- a dense maze”. This labyrinth is made of more than 1,000 narrow staircase passages meant to safeguard any possible intruders.

One can roam across the clandestine maze; preferably with an authorized guide. And alongside one can also discover the adjacent mosque and spectacular gardens.

It has been Constructed by 22,000 individuals. It is noted that ordinary individuals worked during the day time at the construction site, noblemen and courtiers, to make ends meet, working the nights so that they would not be recognized.

Defying Palace at Lucknow can go to see any time of the year.

The Floating Stones Of Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu

You must have perceived the story of the Ramayana and know how a bridge was constructed over the sea to reach Lanka. Well, it is very much in genuineness as well.

The Floating Stones Of Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu

The leftovers of such stones are still found in Rameshwaram. The name of Lord Rama is still scratched on these stones and they float when kept in the vessel full of water.

The Lake Of Skeletons At Chamoli, Uttarakhand

Effortlessly one of the top mysterious places in India, this lake was discovered in 1942 by a British forest ranger who was traversing the area. Situated on one of the highest mountains in Uttarakhand, Roopkund is well-known as the skeleton lake because of the gruesome remains it comprehends.

The Lake Of Skeletons At Chamoli, Uttarakhand

Strewn about the shores and even inside the lake, noticeable when it is not frozen, are the skeletons and bones of different people, some with the flesh still attached and preserved. Numbered to be a truly mysterious place to visit in India, the remains found at the lake have been tested for years, carrying results that just don’t seem to make sense.

Some individuals believe these are the remains of an Indian king, his wife, and their attendants from 870 years ago when they perished in a blizzard, excluding the fact that some of the bones seem to date back even further.

Others say that these are Indian soldiers who were ineffective in besieging Tibet, while others still say that this is a mass grave for individuals who died in some epidemic. While its source may not be known, this is one of the mysterious places in India that you merely cannot miss.

The Hanging Pillar At Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh

The hanging pillar, which draws thousands of tourists each day, is an enormous block of granite nearly 20 feet tall with bright carvings that are not attached to the floor. While the other 69 pillars sustenance the ceiling, one corner pillar does not even touch the temple floor.

The Hanging Pillar At Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh

There is a small breach between the temple floor and the base of the pillar through which thin objects, such as a part of the cloth, can be conceded from one side to the other.

The Mini Desert At Talakad, Karnataka

A desert on a river bank in the lavish green state of Karnataka? Now that’s truly a mystery that confronts all scientific notions. Talakadu on the banks of river Kaveri is a mysterious advert in the Mysore district in Karnataka. Sand dunes and river basins in one place can complicate anyone whether it’s a desert or a beach. 

The Mini Desert At Talakad Karnataka 1

Talakad is supposed to have been home to around 30 temples once, 5 of which are Lingam’s representative of the 5 faces of Lord Shiva which are now extremely buried under the sand. It’s a desert on the banks of a river. 

A devotee of Shiva, Allemelamma during the 16th century cursed the place. “May Talakadu be occupied with sand, let Malangi become a whirlpool and Mysore Kings shall not have kids” leaving a place where river Kaveri forms attractive whirlpools, a dessert. 

The Shrine Of The Bullet Bada In Bandai, Rajasthan

A small town named Bandai in the Jodhpur district of Rajasthan has a shrine enthusiastic about a Bullet motorcycle. Yes, you read that correctly! This Motorbike Temple is located on the major highway number 65 and can be effortlessly spotted.

The Shrine Of The Bullet Bada In Bandai, Rajasthan

The shrine is enthusiastic to a 350cc Royal Enfield bike, that belonged to deceased individuals, fondly named ‘Om Banna’ or ‘Bullet Baba’.

In 1988, Om Banna met with an accident while driving his way back to the village and expired on the spot. The bike had hit an enormous tree and was in no condition to move. It was kept under police custody at the neighboring police station overnight but was found misplaced the next morning.

On penetrating, it was found at the spot of the accident. The bullet was taken back to the police station, but a similar thing happened again.

The village individuals considered it to be a sanctified spirit that had come to take care of village individuals, and thus a shrine was set in honor of the dead with the bike as the deity.

The Abandoned Village Of Kuldhara, Rajasthan

Again enclosed by different legends that try to explain what happened nearly 200 years ago, Kuldhara, Rajasthan, is another mysterious tourist place in India that is cloaked in intrigue. Once home to more than 1500 Paliwal Brahmans, progenies of a tribe that had lived there for more than 5 centuries, Kuldhara was suddenly unrestricted one night by its complete population, which involved people of 85 villages.

The Abandoned Village Of Kuldhara, Rajasthan

According to folklore, the individuals also cursed the land forbidding any future settlements. And that is how Kuldhara, one of the top mysterious places in India, stands as of now, with a few decrepit buildings, temples, and legends neighboring its past.

The E.T. Inhabited Kongka La Pass At Ladakh

Kongka La Pass is situated in the Himalayas, near Ladakh. The area is a bit tricky as it formerly belonged to Tibet and now is appealed by China as a Tibetan boundary while on the other hand, India considers Lanak Pass as the boundary. So, it has become a No Man’s Land although it is not authoritatively recognized as one.

The E.T. Inhabited Kongka La Pass At Ladakh 1

This area is truly a hotbed of extremely unusual activities. Very often there are findings of UFOs and other bizarrely shaped lights with no believable explanation. Different locals and enlisted men have claimed to have seen saucer-shaped objects and unnamed flying objects.

Different theorists have taken images with Google Earth to display faceless caves which appear and disappear sporadically, carrying rise to claims that the area harbors aliens. Pilots have acknowledged claiming that they evade this area while flying. Their navigational equipment starts glitching out.

Overall even if you suppose in aliens or not, you have to agree this place is very attractive. Though visitors are not permissible because of the Indo-Chinese conflict, the Documentary filmmakers, scientists, and researchers who have visited here sing approvals of the picturesque beauty.


God damn, that’s some scary-ass shit! India is so special, man. It’s another planet!

These are our top ten mysterious places in India, but, as you may envisage, there are many so more. India is truthfully one of the most mysterious places in the world.

However, no matter how much of a ghostbuster you are, please approach and discover these places with care. Individuals have gone missing and although it can be exhilarating to travel to these places, some of them do pose a real threat.

One and all who’s been to India have a crazy India story. That’s the attractiveness of India: no one leaves unscathed. India changes individuals.

We’d love to hear your stories too. Please share them in the comments below – sincerely. There’s nothing I love more than an outstanding “I got India’s” story!

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Ruchika is a “hodophile” who is always on the road. The wanderlust in her often pours out in brilliantly written features and travelogs. When she’s not writing for People Places, you’ll find her in the most obscure of travel destinations, exploring unknown vistas and clicking images in her mind for her next write-up.

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