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Best Places To Explore Snowfall In India



Best Places To Explore Snowfall In India

Winter is here and it is a great time of the year, indeed, even if it is 2020. With the coronavirus, several blasts, cyclones, and explosions apart from other natural calamities, 2020, in all probability, is the foulest year for human civilization. But you can just about afford to celebrate because this year is almost done with. 

So, how do you desire to celebrate the end of 2022? We can assist you with an idea. You can just set off on a short trip to the hills and relish a cup of chai while celebrating the scenic view of the mountains. You can also make a snowman and play with white flakes among the snow-capped mountains. 

In this article, we list the top places in India that you can head to celebrate the snowfall and attractive places during December or even January for that matter. However, it is imperative to remember that 2020 is almost over but coronavirus is not. So, wear a mask, maintain social distancing and follow the COVID-19 etiquettes that you must have learned by heart now. 

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Auli is a hill station situated in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand state in India. It has rightly resultant its name Auli – meaning meadows, from the appearance of its topography. The hill station is situated on slopes and has far-stretching meadows that look spectacular to the eyes. Auli is fondly denoted as a place where nature comes alive in all its magnificence and splendor. It is rich in natural resources and proposes a stunning landscape of the surrounding hills.


The hill station has an overabundance of wildflowers and trees such as deodars, oaks, coniferous, and pine forests. The slopes here are as high as 9000 feet above sea level and offer spectacular views of the surrounding Himalayan peaks; like that of Nanda Devi, Kamet, Dunagiri, and Mana Parvat. There are several charms here at the hill station. The most celebrated one amongst tourists is the ropeway.
It is the uppermost and the most extensive one not just in India but the whole of Asia and it offers wonderful views of the Himalayan peaks. 

Auli’s artificial lake is another magnetism that is one of the world’s greatest man-made lakes. Likewise, Chattrakund and Chenab Lakes are also two other lakes worth visiting in Auli. Auli is also well-known as the skiing capital of India which elucidates how well the activity can truly be relished here. The winter months propose this electrifying experience and invite enthusiasts from around the globe.

Other activities in Auli involve trekking to nearby hills like Guarso and Kwani Bugyal. There is also a high scope for camping in and across Auli.  In Auli, the cherry on top is the weather. The hill station is situated on a slope that is great in altitude but is also enclosed by dense vegetation of deodars and oaks. This controls the pace of the wind blowing here and thus, carries Auli to an enjoyable environment.


For those individuals who are in search of some snow adventure, Gulmarg is your spot. The place becomes a white beauty and a winter ski resort after getting snowed. This audacious yet picturesque destination around the Kashmir valley is considered a heaven on earth.


The miniature hill village of Gulmarg is approximately 50 km from Srinagar and can be effortlessly reached by buses and taxis. Given its location, close to the Himalayas, Gulmarg is one of the places that see the heftiest snowfall in India. So, you’ll have a lot of snow attractiveness to feast your eyes on!


Ladakh, the previous Buddhist kingdom is enormously jagged. Arid mountains, intensely crowned rocky outcrops, attractive gompas, meditational mani walls, and multi-hued flags are a few of the several sites that demonstrate the beauty of Ladakh. The well-balanced traditional society of Ladakh has much to propose to the West in terms of ecological consciousness. Ladakh is a wonderful and uncharted wonderland of the Himalayas.


It is one place that is denoted as heaven by everyone who is on the lookout to satiate their unconquerable love for adventure. Besides trekking in Ladakh, you can pamper in a series of adventure sports such as biking, water rafting, safaris, etc. Also well-known as the ‘Land of Passes, Ladakh forms a tempting part of the state of Jammu and Kashmir in India.  

Located at an elevation of 2750 – 7672 meters above sea level, Ladakh is undeniably blessed with unbelievable topography that contains hilly terrains, high-altitude peaks, and lush green grasslands. Escapade fanatics from around the globe visit Ladakh as there are a plethora of trek trails and trekking choices accessible here. Set among snow-capped hills, Leh Ladakh is the center of Tibetan Buddhist culture. It is sprinkled with several colorful monasteries. Some of the prevalent tourist hotspots in Ladakh involve Alchi and Nubra Valley.

Apart from this, Ladakh is also a land that is prevalent for its rich heritage and culture. It is home to rare wildlife involving the Tibetan antelope, ibex, and yak. Still untainted by modernity, Ladakh is where you’ll practice life coming to a standstill when you directly communicate with nature and tranquillity around.


This Himachal Pradesh town is a favorite tourist place. As for Delhi inhabitants, Manali, most often, is a monthly getaway spot. During November, Manali received the season’s first snowfall and the town was encircled by an attractive blanket of snow. Icy winds and light rains brought down the temperature further and the snow-capped mountains, unnecessary to mention, are a vision to behold.


With so many iconic locations to discover such as Mall Road, Hidimba Devi Temple, and Manali Sanctuary, Manali has everything that a traveler wishes for. Do not forget to take a detour to Rohtang Pass which remains enclosed with the carpet of snow throughout winter.


Another prevalent tourist destination, Mussoorie is an accurate destination to see snowfall around Uttarakhand. However, to observe a good amount of snowfall, it is finest to plan a visit to Mussoorie between mid-December and mid-February.


While all the charms in Mussoorie are open to the public during winter, nothing beats the experience of walking on Mall Road while it’s snowing. Along with this, do not miss the practice of Camel Back Road, Lake Mist, and Mossy falls. Mussoorie, the Queen of the hills is a snow paradise during winters across India and its attractiveness cannot be articulated in words! 


Chopta is a picturesque valley enclosed with evergreen forests. It is a segment of the Kedarnath wildlife sanctuary situated in Uttarakhand. You can relish both the wilderness as well as the snow-white attractiveness of this place. Chopta experiences heavy snow throughout the month of January making it problematic for commuters. To witness the best snowfall places in India, you can try the substitute route of Deoria Tal to reach here and spend your vacation time.


Also better known as Mini Switzerland of Uttarakhand, Chopta is a heaven on earth without hesitation. This lesser-discovered hill station in Uttarakhand is also a base for walking to Lord Shiva’s Tungnath Temple (one of the Panch Kedars). The place obtains snowfall in the peak winter season and turns all beautiful and snow wonderland.


If you like snowfall in India without the thrilling cold temperatures of locations higher up north, Nainital is the place to visit. It has lakes, viewpoints, and modest tourist spots. Nainital’s Snow Point, available via the Ropeway, is a prodigious place to see snowfall. Even though the location has become quite commercialized, you will categorically love your visit here.


Thousands of travelers celebrate Christmas and New Year in Nainital every year as the city is better known for its boat rides on the Naini Lake. The Nainital Zoo is also a foremost tourist attraction. If you like shopping, head to Mall Road to purchase books, clothes, perfumes, and scented candles. Don’t forget to the ravine on fresh, juicy strawberries.


Dhanaulti is a drowsy, little town that sits on the Chamba-Mussoorie Road, at an overwhelming height of 2,250 meters above sea level. Dhanaulti’s elevation means that you can relish breathtaking views of the surrounding Himalayas from almost any point and the weather remains enjoyably cool at almost all times. The insight of location is well-defined by virgin forests with towering trees of deodars, oaks, and rhododendrons. A petite walk away from the town center is sure to lead you to picturesque meadows, impenetrable jungles, and gurgling streams.


Albeit small, Dhanaulti has a robust cultural existence and you will be able to spot locals wearing traditional clothing and headgear. Here, you can celebrate the traditional Garhwal food and buy local hand-made goods and mementos.

The place is also dotted with different temples and forts that date back to dissimilar eras in history and are a countless way of finding more about the Dhanaulti and its place in the pages of history. Dhanaulti is dotted with different resorts and camping sites which propose a plethora of accommodation choices. When here, you can relish the mesmerizing views of the forest from the window of a luxury resort or select to sleep under the stars in a tent. 

Different places propose adventure activities that take you skywalking through the peaks, trekking in the forests, ascending mountain faces, and sledding down slopes! You can also attempt your hand at biking, ziplining, or rappelling!  If you are not much of an escapade enthusiast, you can spend your time in Dhanaulti relishing spa treatments, playing golf, reading books while lazing on a hammock, or taking unhurried strolls through jungle roads. Dhanaulti also has potato farms that spring for miles where you can go horse riding!  Apart from these, the apple orchards at Dhanaulti grow a diversity of apples and you can spend a complete day walking through these orchards, apple-picking, and enjoying wonderful apple-based recipes.

Shimla Snowfall

When it comes to winter getaways, nothing contests the popularity of Shimla. Hence, if you want to see snowfall in Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is not going to dissatisfy you.

Shimla Snowfall

The best time to plan your visit is, however, between December and February but don’t be astonished if you see the city hovered with tourists; like you several others consider Shimla to be the best place for a snow practice in Himachal. 

There are different remnants of Colonial-era architecture in this city, which used to be the summer capital of colonial India. Shimla has always been known for its upright winters – the chance to relish the snow and attractive scenery in pleasant weather. You won’t be disillusioned.


Sonmarg – Meadow of Gold, an attractive hill station in the Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. In its locality lies the prodigious Himalayan glaciers of Kashmir Valley namely Kolhoi Glacier and Machoi Glacier and several peaks above 5000 meters. The best duration for playing with snow in Sonmarg is mid-Dec to mid-April. Sonmarg is just a 3-hour drive from the airport of Srinagar.


In addition, cherished by the Sindh River, this valley is also named the Meadow of Gold. The surprising tranquillity of this valley and the supercilious view of the Himalayas make it a prevalent winter destination. One can also wander across the Gadsar Lake, Baltal Valley, and Zoji la pass to witness the best snowfall places in India.


A place enclosed with a blanket of snow, Tawang is better known to have one of the greatest Buddhist monasteries in the world. The captivating natural beauty of Tawang has made it a foremost tourist attraction to spend winters around India. The snowfall in Tawang normally begins in the month of November, dipping the temperature to the subzero level.


Other than enjoying a fun time in Tawang, you can also visit the audacious Nuranang falls, Sela pass, and Madhuri Lake. Interested enough? If yes? Pack your bags and leave on the never-ending and exhilarating adventures of Tawang and witness one of the best snowfall places in India.


One of the best places to catch snowfall in India is Yumthang in Sikkim. This place experiences snowfall almost throughout the year. Yumthang is prevalently named the ‘Valley of Flowers’ as its dynasties the Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary. This sanctuary features more than 20 species of rhododendron, Sikkim’s state flower.


When across Yumthang, witness hot springs, frozen lakes, yaks grazing, and rolling meadows, enclosed by the Himalayan mountains. The winters can be pretty harsh, so don’t forget to bring extra warm clothes.


The hill station of Almora in Uttarakhand fascinates tourists from all over the world because of its amusing cultural heritage, stunning mountain views, and natural picturesque beauty. There is also some Colonial significance linked with it. Thousands of travelers come here every year to enjoy its picturesque locales and panoramic Himalayan views.


Temples such as Chitai and Nanda Devi are favorite tourist locations in Almora as is the 200-year-old Lala Bazaar. You can do the shopping for clothes as well as copper vessels from the prevalent shopping centers in Almora. Don’t miss the sunset at the Bright End Corner, nearly 2 km from Almora.


So, while these snowfall places in India mostly don’t disappoint when it comes to snowfall, you must remember that it is a natural spectacle. We suppose you check the weather forecast and temperatures before you head out. Even if you miss out on the snow, there is always the joy of escaping your commonplace life for a few days!

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