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To The Top – Best Places To Visit In Narkanda, Himachal Pradesh



To The Top - Best Places To Visit In Narkanda

The small and attractive town of Narkanda is situated about 65 kilometers from Shimla that can conveniently be covered in 2 hours on a super smooth road. The number of individuals who visit here, however, is astonishingly less as linked to that of Shimla and neighboring areas like Kufri.

Owing to this very fact, Narkanda makes up for an accurate setting to spend some time in peace and tranquility. But that is not all that it has to propose. There are different other tourist places in Narkanda and its nearby areas owing to which it gets counted among the topmost offbeat destinations of our country. What are the best places to visit in Narkanda and how you can visit them is what we will be conversing about in this article.

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Best Places To Visit In Narkanda

Stokes Farm

Sometime during history, a man named Satyanand Stokes brought the cultivation of apples to Narkanda and in the procedure the town’s economy to life. Today the area is better known for these fascinating apple orchards and a walk through these is one of the most captivating and enjoyable experiences the town has to propose.

Places To Visit In Narkanda-Stokes Farm

You might also find grandsons of Satyanand Stokes here trialing with new varieties. The wonderful beauty of these fresh apple orchards and the attractive view of snowcapped mountains make it one of the best tourist places to visit in Narkanda. These captivating apple orchards are today the town’s most prevalent draw, and a tour of them is a captivating experience.

Strokes Farm is one of the key contributors to the city’s economy. Indian traditions and philosophy extremely propelled Samuel Satyanand Stokes, who built this farm. April is the best time to visit this farm when the apple blossom turns this place into an enthralling white Valley.

Hatu Peak

Suspended at an altitude of 12,000 feet above sea level, Hatu Peak is better known for offering all-encompassing views of the beautiful valleys surrounding it. Being the greatest peak in the entire Shimla district, you can seize the sights of the dense green blanket of cedar and fir. The place is an enthralling experience for nature lovers.

About Hatu Peak

Hatu Peak is also prevalent among trekkers as the lush green alpines sweep around the way, the views are actually spellbinding. This is one of the best and most popular tourist attractions in Narkanda and improves the beauty of the complete area with its existence. Mostly known for its colorful apple orchards, the forest comprises deodar, fir, spruce, cedar, and blue pine.

On the top of the Hatu peak lies Hatu Mata Temple, enthusiastic to Goddess Kaali, which has great religious consequences for the locals. From the top of the Hatu peak, you can also get an all-encompassing view of the snow-capped Shrikhand Mahadev peaks, which look so enchanting. There are many activities to celebrate in this region, including skiing, camping, picnicking, and visiting apple gardens.

Mahamaya Temple, Kacheri

Require to attain some peace of mind from the worrying city life? Visit the Mahamaya Temple in the attractive hamlet of Kacheri and practice some meditation techniques with the ‘sadhus’. The temple is devoted to Goddess Kali and carries devotees in an austere environment to meditate and achieve peace.

About Mahamaya Temple, Kacheri

Located amidst the gigantic Himalayas, this majestic hilltop comes with a wonderful view of apple orchards and an ambiance that is undeniably tranquil. The green cone-bearing forests, pleasant weather, and red apple orchards make the Mahamaya Temple area very tranquil.

Tannu Jubbar Lake

If you schedule a family vacation then Tanni Jubbar Lake is an accurate location for you. For great family time, you can visit this striking lake, where you can celebrate with your loved ones and employ in interesting activities. The place is enclosed by mountains which makes one seize Himachal‘s actual vibe in the camera lens.

For a boating tour, you can visit the lake, too. For individuals interested in spending a calming day at their own pace, this is one of the great and best places to visit in Narkanda. From this place, the points of the snowcapped mountain can be seen through the clear sky, and believe us; it looks so captivating that you want to seize every single frame in your eye.

About Tannu Jubbar Lake

All these things make it one of the good and best places to visit in Narkanda. One more thing that is quite astounding about this place is that you will not see so much crowd at this place to enjoy the attractiveness of nature without any commotion that everybody wants on their trip.

This lake lies near a temple that is enthusiastic about the God of Snake. Here you can have some moments of isolation, or if you are with your family, you can celebrate an afternoon here or have a boat ride on the lake.

Jau Baug

Jau Baug is a topmost tourist attraction situated 8 kilometers away from Narkanda town in Shimla. The attractive mountains and meadows are just attractive. It is also a trekking point for tourists located just 15 minutes away from Hatu peak. The rough time to visit Jau baug will take nearly 2 to 3 hours. You can arrange your trekking with the local operatives or organizers.

About Jau Baug

You can attain here with your friends, and family to experience the wonderful beauty. Jau Baug is also associated with the “Vanya Prastha” of the Pandavas. It is best to discover Jau Bag and other attractive hilltop places in Narkanda on foot. It is because, at a certain point, the roads become narrow and hazardous for cars.

Hatu Mata Temple

Hatu Mata Temple is another prevalent religious place to visit in Narkanda. Its exclusive architecture of wood with Chinese-style carvings makes it one of a kind. The place is supposed to be a site where Pandavas cooked their food while spending the days as their refugee.

About Hatu Mata Temple

Two hearthstones near the temple are supposed to be Bhim Chullah and you will come across interesting mythological stories reliant on Mahabharata. The place is common among bikers looking for short yet exhilarating getaways.


The town of Kacheri is situated about 7 kilometers from the nearest bus stand in Narkanda. Situated nearly 500 meters from Oddi, it is a lesser-known and moderately beautiful offbeat destination in Himachal Pradesh that you will love to discover on your trip. Here, you can also discover the famous Mahamaya Temple, one of the top and best places to visit in Narkanda and is extremely worshiped by the devotees of Goddess Kali.

About Kacheri

The beauty of this place augments in winter when owing to heavy snowfall. Snow covers the landscape throughout winter, making it a prevalent tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh. The region of Kacheri is well known for its well-known apple orchards.

Derthu Mata Temple

Derthu Mata Temple is another marvelous temple closest to Narkanda that you won’t want to miss visiting on your trip. This ancient temple is located at an altitude of 8500 feet and is enthusiastic to the mother goddess of Kumharsain and Sangri tribes’ area. The journey to reach Derthu Mata Temple is also exhilarating because you have to cross a dense forest, and after reaching the topmost of the hill, you will see this attractive temple.

About Derthu Mata Temple

The temple proposes an unforgettable experience because of its remarkable view and the heavenly aura that emanates from it. Derthu trek is an audacious activity that you can do at this place. This exhilarating trek is nearly 10 km long from Narkanda Bus stand to Derthu Mata Temple.

Throughout your trek, you can experience the dense forest, mountain peaks, and waterfall, where you can rest and take some images of the lovely view. The total distance of this trek can be enclosed in 5 hours. You can begin your trek at 9 in the morning and attain it at 2 in the afternoon. Here you ask local camp organizers to help you in booking your trek.

Skiing in Narkanda

Narkanda is located 2708 meters great in the Hindustan Himalaya on the Hindustan-Tibet Road. There are snow-covered peaks observable from this location. One of India’s oldest ski resorts, Narkanda, sits in undulating hills while proposing skiing and winter sports. It is observed as a must to visit places throughout winter to try skiing.

About Skiing in Narkanda

Those looking for some audacious holidays and want to make their winter vacation more exhilarating must visit this place. Owing to the high slopes located at an altitude of 8100 feet, the terrain in this hill town is accurate for skiers of all abilities. It is one of the most breathtaking places to visit in Narkanda for Skiing.

City Shopping in Narkanda

If you are in Narkanda and didn’t visit this location, you have skipped one of the great treasures on your journey. This regional Market of Narkanda is one of the popular places to visit in Narkanda. It is a small market that frequently fascinates travelers from all over India. It is a place that delivers excellent shopping items, and also, you will see some attractive local handmade and ground-breaking products that you can only find at this place.

City Shopping in Narkanda

At Himachal Hat outlets, one can find a countless selection of traditional items. The place proposes wonderful opportunities to relish while walking and shopping. Here you will see hundreds of local shops selling some local and attractive products that you love to discover.

Some of the things you should definitely purchase from here are Himachal shawls which are unusually comfortable and light in weight, Pattu blankets, and Caps, Pullans (shoes made out of wool), which are particularly convenient to keep your feet warm in winter.

Best Time To Visit Narkanda 

Narkanda is an attractive and serene hill town of the Himachal Pradesh state that has also been sanctified with salubrious weather, all throughout the year. During the summer months, from April to June, the temperature varies between 30°C and 10°C. Throughout the mornings and evenings, one can celebrate sightseeing in the pleasing weather.

Monsoon rains hit Narkanda from July to September, making the place even more green and more beautiful.  If you do not mind rains, Narkanda is the place to be here. Narkanda and its visitors celebrate winter from the month of October till February.

Throughout this time, the maximum temperature is nearly 15°C, which can drop down to -10°C. If you are a snow-lover and have an interest in winter sports such as skiing, plan your visit at this time.

How To Reach Narkanda? 

Owing to its location up in the hills, the only way to get to Narkanda is by road. You can either drive all the way from your home. Or you can reach any of the closest airports or railway stations and get to Narkanda from there by road.

By Road

For this part of the post, we will assume that you are beginning your journey from Delhi. However, even if you were coming from a dissimilar place, the information below should still be able to elucidate the route. One will first drive on Delhi – Chandigarh highway all the way to Ambala.

After reaching Ambala and just before Chandigarh, you will then turn on the Himalayan Expressway and then endure towards Shimla. There has been some road-broadening work happening on this stretch in the last couple of years so you may run into a moment of traffic.

As you get faster to Shimla, chances are that you will get stuck in the traffic and an extended line of cars here. Be patient, cross the jam-packed town, and endure towards Narkanda. The complete journey from Delhi to Narkanda will take nearly 9 – 10 hours relying upon your speed and breaks. From Shimla, it takes nearly 2 hours to get to Narkanda.

By Bus

Narkanda is a very well-linked town and there is an unvarying HRTC bus service accessible. From Shimla, you will conveniently be able to find a bus or a shared taxi going towards your destination. The road towards Spiti valley and Kinnaur valley travel through Narkanda. This means that any bus going towards key towns such as Kaza, Rampur, Reckong Peo will have to pass through Narkanda.

You would have caught or read that there are direct buses from Delhi and Chandigarh to Narkanda. We would however not recommend relying on that. No, we are not saying that there are no direct buses might there could be one. But Narkanda being just a small village, the occurrence of this bus would be very fewer.

An improved way for the journey always will be that you first board a bus for Shimla. This will also provide you the choice of an AC or Deluxe Bus which will undoubtedly not be accessible for Narkanda direct. Once you get to Shimla, you can then look for a dissimilar bus or shared taxi for the last 2 hours of your journey from the Shimla Bus stand.

By Taxi

There are direct taxis accessible from almost all key cities nearby for Narkanda. How much it will cost will wholly depend on your choice of taxi, the operator, the number of days, and your negotiation skills. There are actually no set rates for this but from a city such as Chandigarh, it will cost you nearly Rs. 5000 or a drop. From Shimla, the charge will be nearly Rs. 2000 for a drop and 3000–4000 rupees for a same-day return trip (full-day sightseeing).


As per our list, these were some most astounding places to visit in Narkanda. The unavoidable beauty of these places leaves most of their travelers awestruck. Narkanda is an accurate place for strolling unhurriedly in the apple orchards or boating in the lake.

Couples would love to visit such a place with picturesque beauty and inaudible places to enjoy each other’s company. All escapade seekers will love to ski in the rolling hills throughout the winter. All in all, Narkanda fulfills all your requires that you want throughout the vacation.

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