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“Biggest Celebration Of The Year” – Best Places To Celebrate New Year In India!



Best Places to Celebrate New Year in India

So, it is that time of the year to let go of all the stress, tensions, and gloom of the days passed and get ready to welcome a brand new year with all the hope, happiness, and party. New Year is an eve celebrated by people across the world without any caste, creed, or religious discrimination. Celebrations in India are also joyous and grand.

Now, it is time to make up your mind on a location to celebrate your new year. Although it is perfectly alright to begin a New Year with your dear and near ones, nowadays, people always look up to an ideally vibing destination to kick start a new chapter in their life. When it comes to India, we always have something special in destinations. The diversity! Yes, nothing or nowhere in the world can match the diversity of options that India can offer.

No matter what your concern is, your category of interest and destinations are here all set. If budget bothers you, there are options appropriate for the same. If you are a beach person or a mountain person, a bunch of choices is always in the backup. All you need to do is just know about the peculiarities of each place, choose one, pack your bags and go! And to make it much easier try going through these places to celebrate new year in India.

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10 Places To Celebrate New Year In India

1- Gulmarg, Jammu And Kashmir

If the hustling bustling party mode does not interest you much, Gulmarg in the North Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir is one of the best places to celebrate new year in India. All you will get from the New Year hang out in the place would be a matchless serene experience with the lullabies of mother nature. The December cold and the transition to the month of January are the best to be experienced from this location.

Gulmarg Jammu And Kashmir

The snow-laden landscapes of the destination during this time would be amazing in every aspect. You will be able to enjoy the climate, indulge in the rich white beauty of the environment, have some hot chai or coffee, and just get soaked in the vibrance of this extraordinary place.

Nothing of interference or silence breakage won’t be experienced from this place. In the chilling cold of the snow, you will be embraced by the warmth of the silence, which might be your topmost preference. Even if you are not in a calm and cool mood, you can also head to the location of Gulmarg if you are so fascinated by the snow-filled New Year experience. 

How To Reach Gulmarg?

Nearest Airport

Srinagar Airport

Nearest Railway Station

Jammu Tawi Railway Station (JAT)

2- Manali, Himachal Pradesh

No matter if you are visiting the location of Manali during New Year’s eve or not, the crowd and rush in the place are never-ending. This is one of the most sensational hill station vacations loved by tourists across the world. International tourists and domestic tourists head to this location alike. New Year’s time would be the peak season of the place.

About Manali, Himachal Pradesh

“Valley of Gods” is the other name attributed to this location. The appearance of the town of Manali would be the best to experience during the season. Grand preparations are happening in this hill station town in Himachal Pradesh to welcome the New Year and also the tourists flocking to the town during this special eve. This place has got everything required for you to begin your New Year with all the excitement, fun, and merriness.

A bunch of activities and experiences would also be organized by the government as well as the private agencies in the town to engage the tourists. Even though the romantic vibes of the Manali climate are best suited for honeymoon couples, New Year is a time when you can always take your family and friends along and chill out the best and most from this place. 

How To Reach Manali?

Nearest Airport

Kullu Manali Airport 

Nearest Railway Station

Jogindernagar Railway Station (JDNX)

3- Kolkata 

Even though Kolkata is not exactly a party destination in India, the New Year season is the time when the face and feel of the city change drastically. During these times, the city wears the outfit of a party animal and celebrates most in the loudest and most lively manner. Each nook and corner of the city would be full of colors, lights, music, and dance during the season.

About Kolkata 

The energy and enthusiasm of the people celebrating New Year in the city would be matchlessly high and awesome. Another important thing about enjoying your New Year’s eve in the city of Kolkata is that people belonging to many age groups can enjoy and party in the city of Kolkata.

Whatever your interests are, you are most likely to find like-minded people in this city. Nightclubs would be highly active in the city, especially during the New Year season. If you are into boozing and dancing with the most exhilarating music and beats, you will literally fall in love with the vibes of this place. 

How To Reach Kolkata?

Nearest Airport

Netaji Subash Chandra Bose International Airport

Nearest Railway Station

Kolkata Railway Station (KOAA)

4- McLeodGanj, Himachal Pradesh

Party, nature, spirituality, and some posh vibes get amalgamated in a beautiful composition in the city of McLeodGanj. It is located in the Himachal Pradesh state of northern India. While choosing this destination for your New Year celebration you will definitely be interested to visit some of the classic and cozy cafes which would give you some of the best Instagrammable content for the beginning of the year.

About McLeodGanj

You are also expected to have a taste of meditation and some tranquil vibes spread by Buddhist ideologies. Since the location is in the snow-laden landscape of Himachal Pradesh you would also be interested to explore the freshness and goodness of nature at the beginning of the New Year. If such interests define you, McLeodGanj is just the right place for you to celebrate and have fun this New Year’s eve.

The experience from the city of McLeodGanj would not let you feel like being in India. All you will feel would be an entirely different cultural vibe, that would be European sometimes and Tibetan somewhere else. There are also provisions and opportunities for you to kick start your New Year with some of the adrenaline-rushing adventure activities if you choose McLeodGanj as your New Year destination. 

How to Reach McLeodGanj?

Nearest Airport

Gaggal Airport

Nearest railway station

Pathankot Cannt Railway Station (PTKC)

5- Pondicherry 

As popularly known Pondicherry was a French colony in the Indian subcontinent during colonial times. The cultural expression of the French can also be evidently seen in the New Year celebrations in the city. During the daytime you can enjoy the colorfully decorated beaches and when the sun sets, slowly move to the lanes of pubs and clubs where a new life begins with all the bash, beating music, and dance.

About Pondicherry

Alcohols are comparatively cheaper in the union territory of Pondicherry. This can also help you chill out to the max with the least budget to spend on drinks. You can also choose from the type of parties you would like. There are ethnic parties like the Russian party, French Party, and a lot more. You can also select parties according to the themes like Bollywood, Horror, Colour, and so on.

Even if it is not the time of New Year, Pondicherry is always on with an active nightlife with party clubs. But during the New Year time, all the spirits and party modes will reach the zenith of the spirits and vibes. Beachside restaurants and party clubs are the other major attraction of the place. Partying out on the cozy sands of beaches with music and lights would be the best experience you will ever have. 

How To Reach Pondicherry?

Nearest Airport

Pondicherry Airport

Nearest Railway Station

Puducherry Railway Station (PDY)

6- Wayanad, Kerala

If camping and nature exploration are your concerns for the New Year celebrations of 2023, Wayanad would be one of the places to celebrate new year in India. The lush green and the agricultural abundance of the town are the best elements to get cuddled with the comfort of nature. Restaurants and stays are the best when you choose Wayanad to start your New Year.

About Wayand

Make sure you choose the best resorts or homestays according to your preference. Stays that would fit into your concerns would be available in the city. You can go for premium heritage resorts that are specific to Kerala-style architecture and experience a different vibe altogether. If you would like to go for something affordable yet full of nature vibes, cottages and homestays catering to you the exact are also available in the location.

You can also choose your stays in resorts and hotels that are near the aromatic tea, coffee, and spice plantations. There are also resorts and stays nearby crystal clear streams, rivulets, or private waterfalls. You can also enjoy the opportunity to be at a campfire with other tourists and have a good time together. 

How To Reach Wayanad?

Nearest Airport

Karipur International Airport

Nearest Railway Station

Kozhikode (CLT)

7- Delhi

Delhi is one of the best places to celebrate new year in India. This is the heart of India where you can enjoy the New Year with the true sense of being an Indian. Every kind of refreshment, relaxation, party, and power will all be set in the location if you wish to get into it. Sweet melody nights and piercing party music will all be available in the location.

About Delhi

You can also head straight to any show or celebrity nights that are found most commonly in the location. Entry to such sites would be comparatively expensive so that be sorted out with your preferences. But there are also options available if you are looking for low-cost and affordable party nights in the city. You can also enjoy a lot of cuisine varieties and roam in the streets of Delhi enjoying some new tastes, this New Year.

This is the other side of Delhi, apart from the music, shows, and eves. The nation’s most-loved DJs would flock to the city during the time of New Year. So that if you would like to attend their shows, make sure to book your tickets early before it is too late. Usually, during the New Year season, most of the show tickets are most likely to be sold out too early. 

How To Reach Delhi?

Nearest Airport

Delhi Airport

Nearest Railway Station

Old Delhi (DLI)

8- Goa

Goa is among the evergreen places to celebrate new year in India. Goa is a paradise for international as well as domestic tourists who would like to break the shackles of age-old conventions and taboos that are prominent in Indian society and indulge in a life that is more liberating and exhilarating.

Goa can also be called the “Hippie Capital” in the country of India. Since alcohol is available at the cheapest rates possible in India, people who like the “high vibes” are found enjoying the most here. When it comes to Goa, beaches are something that should not be missed out on at any cost.

About Goa

The festivals and shows happening on the beaches are the most popular when it comes to the New Year celebrations in Goa. The nightlife and the parties in Goa are matchless and worth experiencing if you would like to explore the core bash of party life.

The Portuguese culture and traditions are something that is promoting such an exhilarating vibrant culture in the Goan territory. You can also enjoy hopping cafes and trying new tastes during the morning hours of your celebrations. 

How To Reach Goa?

Nearest Airport

Dabolim Main Airport

Nearest Railway Station

Madgaon Railway Station (MAO)

9- Ooty, Tamil Nadu

This is a high-altitude location ideal to spend your peaceful yet playful time beginning a new year. Ooty’s landscape is so calming and full of lush green. This peculiar landscape is accompanied by some colorful cottages, buildings, and agricultural plantations where cocoa, tea, coffee, and other exotic spices are cultivated the most.

This peaceful and colorful atmosphere found in the mornings in Goa would pave the way to an entirely different night during the Christmas & New Year times in the city. DJ parties, music parties, and clubs would be the most active during the season. The streets and lanes would beat with the joy and power of people enjoying the eve.

About Ooty

Moreover, Ooty has also got some matchless venues and destinations where you will get the chance to experience a peerless party vibe and merriness. Since this is located in the state of Tamil Nadu, it also becomes the perfect location to enjoy the best party vibes in the South Indian region.

In comparison with the other party destinations in India, Ooty would also be less expensive for sure. So this would be the priceworthy experience you can ever have in the South Indian region. 

How To Reach Ooty?

Nearest Airport

Coimbatore International Airport

Nearest Railway Station

Mettupalayam (MTP)

10- Bengaluru, Karnataka

This is also another party destination in the South Indian region. Since Bengaluru is a metropolitan city with a lot of techies and corporates leading life there, the expenses to celebrate New Year in the city would be quite higher. Youths would be the majority enjoying their time in the city.

About Bengaluru

So if you belong to the age group, you are most likely to make the most joy out of the parties and celebrations in the city. The nightlife and the pubs of the city are active 365 days a year. However, during New Year’s eve, the prices of the drinks, as well as the entry to the pubs would also soar. Youths of the nation enjoy their hearts out during this party time of the year.

It is suggested to get dressed up in the best of your glittery attires and rock the eve by standing out. A lot of accommodation options are also available in the city like backpackers’ hostels, hotels, resorts, cottages, homestays, and a lot more. Cafés and restaurants are also some of the liveliest factors in the city apart from the clubs and parties. 

How To Reach Bengaluru?

Nearest Airport

Kempegowda International Airport

Nearest Railway Station:

Yesvantpur Junction (YPR)


New Year is all about colors, glitters, and the most happening parties in India. Food, nature, and low-key moods also do have significant positions and possibilities in the country. Ask yourself what you wanna gift yourself this New Year and choose your location accordingly. 

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