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Sujith Bhakthan Youtuber (Tech Travel Eat), Biography!



Sujith Bhakthan Youtuber (Tech Travel Eat), Biography!

Sujith Bhakthan is a versatile YouTube content creator from Kerala. His YouTube channel “Tech Travel Eat” list down his content domains in a stretch. He has been active on the platform since 2016.

Vlogging and reviewing hotels, restaurants, resorts, gadgets, and apps are the methodologies he adopts in creating content. He also never forgets to give his subscribers several travel tips, budgeting secrets, and food suggestions in between his content.

Sujith Bhakthan’s YouTube crossed 1M subscribers count in 2020.

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Who Is Sujith Bhakthan?

Sujith Bhakthan maintains a happening blog where he writes profusely about his interests in flowery and addictive language. The YouTube vlogs are also updated regularly through the blog.

 Sujith Bhakthan

Sujith Bhakthan effectively incorporates his digital marketing skills along with his mastery in content development to reach his current success state. The YouTuber is also highly influential among the Keralite audience, especially the youth.

This popularity has also helped him grow as an Instagram celebrity and a top-rated influencer by now. His way of explaining things and giving attention to every single detail has been loved by his followers. 

Irrespective of looks and style Sujith Bhaktan is admired by a wide range of audiences for the authenticity and reliability of his content.

Sujith Bhakthan Physical Status

However, he is handsomeness packed in the lesser height of 5 feet and 4 inches. He weighs 60 kg in body mass hitting straight to the optimum BMI point. He has got jet black eye color using which he communicates love and smiles endlessly through his vlogs.

Sujith Bhakthan Net Worth

Sujith Bhakthan is one of the richest YouTubers in Kerala. It is estimated that Sujith Bhakthan net worth is around 4.2 million dollars. But this is exclusively based on his revenue generation from YouTube.

Sujith Bhakthan Net Worth

Sujith Bhakthan has also been doing brand endorsements for a long time. Moreover, his profession as a speaker can also bring him additional revenue. 

Sujith Bhakthan Biography

Records say that this magnetic personality on YouTube is born in a place called Kozhencherry in the state of Kerala. The celebrity was born on the 18th of March in 1989, which makes him a Pisces in the Zodiac.

Sujith Bhakthan Biography

Sujith Bhakthan is an engineering graduate who majored in Computer Science. He has also got professional certifications in the field of digital marketing. As of November 2022, the YouTuber is 33 years old. 

With his flourishing popularity and acceptability on social media platforms as well as in the hearts of every follower, the Bhakthan family has also got the fortune to share the spotlight of his celebrity status.

Moreover, Sujith also involves his family members in most of his vlogs making the family quite familiar to the subscribers.

Sujith Bhakthan Career

The major profession of Sujith Bhakthan is none other than vlogging. He is also pursuing his career as a social media influencer simultaneously. On his LinkedIn profile, he has also introduced himself as a speaker.

Sujith Bhakthan Career

Sources prove the digital marketing background of the celebrity and his experience of more than 10 years in the field. Though he is not pursuing a career in full-time mode currently, his success as a YouTuber and Instagram influencer.

This obviously the result of his integrating digital marketing strategies into his content creation. Sujith Bhakthan is fond of spending his leisure time in recreational activities such as dancing and watching movies and web series.

Sujith Bhakthan has seen approximately 30+ foreign tourist destinations and has made videos from there. He admires Amitabh Bachhan, Ranbir Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, and Deepika Padukone from the film industry. 

Sujith Bhakthan Education

Sujith Bhakthan has completed his elementary and secondary education at St. Thomas Higher Secondary School, Trivandrum. For higher studies, he moved to Bengaluru, Karnataka. He completed his Engineering Bachelor’s Degree.

On Visvesvaraya Technological University in Bengaluru. Though his educational qualifications also show Digital Marketing.

Sujith Bhakthan Family

The father and mother of Sujith Bhakthan have also shown up in the videos, but their names and further details are not available as of now. He has also got a sibling, Abhijith Bhakthan who turns up in most of the videos uploaded.

There are photographs of the YouTuber’s parents posted on social media platforms.

Sujith Bhakthan Relationship

Sujith Bhakthan is married to Swetha Bhakthan and the couple has a son, the one-year-old Rishi S Bhakthan. Swetha Bhakthan the spouse of the YouTuber is the only affair Sujith has in his entire life.

Sujith Bhakthan Relationship

Swetha Bhakthan through the videos of Sujith Bhakthan has been in the process of refining as a YouTuber herself. With inspiration and encouragement from her mother-in-law, Swetha has started a YouTube channel for herself.

Swetha Bhakthan is also now part of the popular vlogging community in Kerala. Her interests incline food, jewelry collection, shopping haul videos, beauty, makeup, traveling, and a lot more.

Swetha Bhakthan has been body shamed by the audience for her weight. But her determined spirit has never stopped shining from within. Swetha Bhakthan has always been a constant support pillar for her YouTuber husband Sujith Bhakthan. 

Sujith Bhakthan Controversies

The conflict with the brand MG has earned huge media attention. Sujith Bhakthan is a young, courageous, and determined Indian YouTuber who never compromises on his strong stances. Sujith’s review of the Gloster Vehicle by MG is one incident.

That testifies to the above-mentioned. He spoke negatively about the gearbox of the vehicle. But MG accused the YouTuber of taking the review vlog in poor lighting which was quite consequential for them.

The brand had requested Bhakthan to delete the review vlog but he was not ready to move an inch from his stand. The vlogging trip of the YouTuber to the tribal village of Edamalakkudi in the Idukki district.

Along with the MP, Dean kuriakose has also brought controversial talks upon him. This was during the pandemic season and both the MP and the vlogger were spotted without a mask in photographs.

They were accused of traveling to the village without taking permission from the forest department. At that time, the village had not yet reported any Covid cases, which further worsened the issue. 

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