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Discover These Amazing Places In India In February 2023!



Discover The Amazing Places In February In India!

February is the month of love. Whereas February also calls for the end of the tourist period, and all the explorer rush is already back to their homes. So those who have the distress of summer and don’t like to go out in summer, then they want to pull up their socks, as summers are just a month away.

Hence, February is considered to be as the most enjoyable and best month to travel with your precious ones. As one can celebrate the steer-clear views of all the locations without a tourist rush.

Whereas there is a myriad of places to discover in February, we always end up being confused, about which city to go to and where it’s going to be cold or merriments to attend during the month of February.

And luckily, India proposes a lot of different places to visit in February, where you can fly with your better half to spend some close and dreamy moments together.

Not just the beautiful couples, even if you are single and yet planning to travel during February in search of natural beauty try selecting your pick from this well-investigated list of best places to visit in February in India.

Where you can relish the breathtaking views of Gulmarg, fly in the mountains, paraglide in Bir-Billing valleys, and Camp in Rann of Kutch in Gujarat. Therefore, we have arranged everything for you, just choose your favorite locations to discover in February and make the most of the shortest month of the year.  

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Andaman And Nicobar Islands

Andaman is a great destination to escape from the cold wave in India as Andaman is holy with pleasant weather during the year. The temperature differs from 23 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Andaman And Nicobar Islands

With astonishing beaches, sparkling marine life, attractive surroundings, delicious food, and adventurous activities there is a lot to discover in Andaman throughout the month of Love.

After the Christmas and New Year celebration, the hotels and ferry price comes down and that is one more motive to visit Andaman in February. This is one of the best places to visit in February in India.

How to Reach:

Closest airport: Veer Savarkar International Airport (Port Blair Airport)

Closest railway station: There is no railway station at Port Blair. The closest one is in Chennai, at a distance of nearly 1370 km.

Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

Situated in the state of Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in India. An attractive places to visit in February in India

A Lakeside resort town of Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal has an attractive climate, mist-enclosed manicured cliffs, and a waterfall that come together to generate the ideal setting for a great getaway.

Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

The meaning of Kodaikanal is ‘the gift of the forests. Kodaikanal is a great and best place where you can go to take a break from the severities of daily city life, and this beautiful hill station lets you sit back and connect with nature as you head out on biking or trekking tracks or take a stroll through the massive forests surrounding the town.

How to Reach: 

Nearest airport: The closest airport to Kodaikanal is the Madurai airport, situated at a distance of 120 km.

Nearest railway station: Kodai Road is the closest railway station located nearly 80 km from the main town.

Coorg, Karnataka

Coorg named Scotland of India is a must place to visit, for treasuring the plenty of Flora and fauna. Coorg is the conceit of Karnataka as it is the largest manufacturer of Coffee in India. A tranquil hill station with a dense covering of deciduous forest proposes you a walk through the attractive tropical gardens.

Coorg, Karnataka

The smaller hamlets look remarkable for the plantations of cardamom and coffee. The cool breeze and modest temperature of  February make Coorg an interesting vacation getaway in India.

How to Reach: 

The nearest international one is Mangalore International Airport, sitting at a distance of nearly 140 km from Coorg city center. For domestic flights, the closest one is at Mysore, 120 km from Coorg. The most well-associated airport nearby Coorg, however, is the Bangalore International Airport, 286 km away.


Among one of the topmost and great honeymoon destinations in India, Gulmarg assertions of being an attractive town without crowds alike Manali and Shimla. Gulmarg has also been improved as a quest hub as the Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering is located here.


A lot of courses on trekking, skiing, mountaineering, and snowboarding are proposed by IISM. There are a lot of other private tour operatives in Gulmarg as well which carry similar courses and facilities for snowboarding, skiing, and trekking.

Known for its picturesque beauty, Gulmarg has also been a prevalent destination for the shooting of different Bollywood films.

How to Reach: 

BY AIR: The closest to Gulmarg is Srinagar Airport. It is nearly 56 km away from Gulmarg. Taxis and Jeep are accessible outside the airport to arrive at the destination. The airport is well-linked with all the foremost domestic airports on daily basis.

BY TRAIN: At the closest distance of nearly 290 km is Jammu Tawi railway station. This railway station is associated with all domestic railheads. One can take a taxi or bus to arrive at Gulmarg from Station.

BY ROAD: The national highway 1-A connects Gulmarg to the foremost cities and has good connectivity of roads. State-owned buses and private deluxe buses are accessible regularly to visitors.

Sikkim, Enjoy The Losar Festiva

Sikkim is one of the best places to discover in February in India, the smallest state of India is the window onto the Himalayas, the warm-hearted, meditative, and jam-packed with traditional monasteries, which will make you fall in love with Sikkim. 

Sikkim, Enjoy The Losar Festiva

During February it becomes all the more attractive, with snow-covered mountains. Clean and green, Sikkim is around super steep valleys and bushy subtropical woodlands. 

How to Reach: You can arrive in Sikkim by airway by taking a flight to Bagdogra Airport in West Bengal. Though there is no main railway station in the state, you can also resort to the railway to arrive at Sikkim by taking a train to Siliguri or Jalpaiguri. In addition, you can also hit the road to arrive at Sikkim.

Rann of Kutch, Rann Utsav

Virtually an island that looks like the shape of a tortoise, Kutch is a previous princely state of India holding onto its magnification nature from the past. Kutch is perhaps one of the most attractive, yet surreal places in India with the massive expanses of the white salt desert. 

Rann of Kutch, Rann Utsav

The place comes to life throughout the winters when the Rann Festival is held from December-February everywhere in which there are vast camp settlements with cultural programs, functions, and adventure activities such as hot-air ballooning. 

How to Reach: Bhuj is the closest airport to the Rann of Kutch. From the Bhuj, you can take an auto or taxi to arrive at Rann of Kutch where the grand Rann Utsav is held. The flight takes nearly 1h 10 min, and ticket prices vary from ₹1500-3500. The accessible airlines are IndiGo, GoAir, Jet Airways, SpiceJet, and Air India.

Jaisalmer, Enjoy the Desert Festival

Situated in Rajasthan also well-known as the hottest state of India, Jaisalmer is also named the Golden City because of its spectacular Yellowstone architecture. Jaisalmer in winter will be a great spot for all those who can’t bear the roasting summer heat.

Jaisalmer, Enjoy the Desert Festival

But why should you visit Jaisalmer in February? The prodigious Jaisalmer Desert Festival allures numerous tourists in the month of February. You can celebrate camel races, turban-tying games, polo matches, and more motivating activities in Jaisalmer on your trip.

How to Reach: Direct trains from Delhi, Jaipur, and Jodhpur can be availed to arrive at Jaisalmer. The extravagance train ‘Palace on Wheels’ can also be availed to arrive at Jaisalmer.

On arriving at the station, visitors can avail of auto rickshaws and private taxis to arrive at their respective destinations at the nominal fares.

Goa, Celebrate Goa Carnival

If you are not into celebrating crowded places and like to have some time alone with steer-clear insights February is the best time to visit Goa, not just that, the locals in the city relish their Goa Carnival with prodigious fervor.

Goa, Celebrate Goa Carnival

It will be an enjoyment to be the observer of the Goa Carnival. Goa the city where the party never stops carries a faultless example through Goa Carnival Festival, it’s been a tradition, which has been going on since the influx of the Portuguese, where the New year celebrations don’t end during January only but endure till Goa Carnival. 

How to Reach: You can avail yourself of regular flights to this tropical heaven from cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Chennai. However, the reckless way to arrive at Goa is to take a flight from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai which takes nearly an hour to reach.

Khajuraho, Watch Khajuraho Dance Festival

Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh is better known for its knottily done temples adorned with sumptuous and erotic carvings, which depict love and passion in the most stimulating and aesthetic manners. Khajuraho presents the architecture and culture of medieval times.

Khajuraho, Watch Khajuraho Dance Festival

The Nagara style of architecture and stimulating sculptures are carved in such a way that it’s also named the land of Kamasutra. Also, if you are forecasting to visit Khajuraho in the month of February then do appear  Khajuraho Dance Festival and witness classical dance forms in a very attractive setting using different temples as the backdrop of the event.

Other protruding places to discover in Khajuraho are Kandariya Mahadeo Temple, Adinath Temple, Lakshmana Temple, Javari Temple, and Panna National Park.

How to Reach: How to arrive at Khajuraho by Rail. Mahoba is the closest railway station to Khajuraho which is situated at a distance of 63 km from Khajuraho. Another main railhead is Harpalpur which is linked to most of the rail heads of the country. The railhead is located at a distance of nearly 90 km from Khajuraho.

Bir Billing

Bir is a small town situated in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. Bir Billing is a prevalent destination situated in Joginder Nagar valley better known for paragliding and also as the town for meditation. There is an influence of Tibetan culture owing to Tibetan community settlement in this town.

Bir Billing

Bir is measured as one of the best spots around the world for paragliding. There is some attractive cafe dotting the town serving some delicious food.

Individuals can also go for short hikes, visit the monasteries, take a ride in the closest Jogindernagar-Pathankot Narrow Gauge train or just spend a day at the tea gardens. The town of Bir is also an imperative center of spiritual studies and meditation.

How to Reach: There are different options to arrive at Bir – Billing and the inexpensive will be via railways. Pathankot is the closest foremost railway station to Bir-Billing which is situated at a distance of nearly 140 km (4-5 hours). Pathankot is well-linked to other parts of the country via railways. From Pathankot, direct buses are accessible for Bir-Billing.

In addition, there is a toy train that leaves every morning from Pathankot to Ahju which is just 3 km from Bir. Toy Train takes nearly 6-7 hours to cover the distance from Pathankot to Ahju. If you have enough period in hand, you can select the toy train selection.

Also, direct buses are accessible from Delhi for Bir-Billing. There are unvarying buses for Bir-Billing from Dharamshala.

Agra, Taj Mahotsav

Situated on the banks of River Yamuna in Uttar Pradesh, Agra is a prevalent tourist destination as it is home to one of the 7 wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal. It is a creep peek into architectural history.

Agra, Taj Mahotsav

History, architecture, and romance all together introduce the magic of Agra, and therefore, makes for a must-visit for anyone living in or staying in India.

How to Reach: While Indira Gandhi International Airport at Delhi (nearly 220 km away) is the closest major airport to Agra; there are two major railheads, namely Agra Cantt and Agra Fort railway stations, serving the place. However, traveling to Agra by roadways and state buses is the calmest and cheapest manner of reaching here.

Nasik, Enjoy SulaFest

Nashik (Nasik), called after a relic linked with Ramayana, is a city in Maharashtra situated on the banks of river Godavari. Nashik plays host to the popular Kumbh Mela every 12 years.

Nasik, Enjoy SulaFest

The city is home to adequately of exotic temples and is better known in Hindu mythology as the place where Ravana’s sister, Surpanakha, tried to make Lord Ram and got her nose cut off by Lakshman in the procedure. Its religious significance doesn’t end there.

It also plays host to the thousands of travelers visiting Shirdi and Trimbakeshwar. 

How to Reach: Mumbai International Airport serves as the closest airport to Nashik. Plenty of domestic and international flights link Mumbai with the rest of the world. So, for going to Nashik, one can conveniently take a flight to Mumbai and then board a bus, car or train to travel the lingering distance.

Surajkund Mela

A squish of colors, rhythm of drum beats, and joy de-vivre merge at Surajkund in Faridabad, Haryana throughout the first fortnight of each February.

The curtains go up on the commended annual Surajkund International Crafts Mela from 1st February onwards, a festivity of Indian folk traditions and cultural heritage.

Surajkund Mela

Inhabiting a place of pride on the international tourist calendar, more than a million tourists throng the Mela throughout the fortnight involving thousands of foreign travelers.

The Surajkund Mela is unique as it presents the richness and diversity of the handicrafts, handlooms, and edifying fabric of India, & is the largest crafts fair around the world.

How to Reach: To arrive at the Mela, one can use different ways, and the most prominent way of arriving at the venue is by booking a cab online from Gurgaon. From Gurgaon to Surajkund Mela, the road is a bit delicate and travelers tend to get lost, so it is healthier to book a cab online if you are not cognizant of the locality. 


For sure, this list of best places to visit during February in India must have set new travel objectives for you. If you are looking for the best holiday packages or flight proposals or any personalized needs then you can visit dissimilar sites of service providers – India’s only travel platform where you can find everything under an individual roof.

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